Alcan BBQ Buddy Aluminum Grilling Trays (24 pack)

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ALCAN Non-Stick BBQ Buddy Grilling Trays are an indispensable sidekick for the grill. This non-stick, heavy duty BBQ companion is made to make grilling easy, avoiding the need for clean-up and keeping food safe from the flames.

ALCAN Non-Stick BBQ Buddy Grilling Trays:

  • Non-Stick
  • Keeps food from falling through the grate
  • Protects against flames
  • Avoid sticking so food lifts right off
  • Keeps small food from falling through the grates
  • Protects food during long grilling times
  • Save time on clean-up and protect the grill

L 9

H 13 1/2 

W 3 1/2 

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