Gaming Controller Astro C40 TR for PlayStation 4 & Windows PC

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Gaming Controller Astro C40 TR for PlayStation 4 & Windows PC

Take control of your gaming experience with this Logitech Astro USB controller. The highly durable construction is great for extended sessions, and the fully customizable layout lets you remap each button to mimic any console configuration. This Logitech Astro USB controller has extra-sensitive triggers that respond seamlessly without having to depress them fully.


  • Fully customizable gaming controller for any playstyle and any genre

  • Quickly and easily swap the analog stick or D-pad modules for consistently sharp performance and playstyle while improving the response time

  • Set up the controller in either offset or parallel configurations for a convenient gaming experience

  • Allows the user to perform trigger functions without having to depress the triggers fully. Comes with 3.5mm jack to listen to game sound and voice chat

  • The C40 TR Controller will work with supported PS4 games on PS5, but will not be compatible with PS5 games.

  • The built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of the freedom of wireless gaming

  • Free customization software exponentially increases the C40 TR controller's versatility and accuracy

  • Compatible with PlayStation 4 and PC using Windows 8/10


What's Included:

  • Astro Gaming C40 TR Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC
  • C40 TR faceplate, C40 TR tool
  • D-Pad module, D-Pad plus cover
  • Owner's manual
  • Travel case
  • Two analog stick modules, two standard height concave caps
  • Two standard height domed caps, one tall height concave cap, one tall height domed cap
  • USB cable, USB wireless transmitter

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