Flamingo Razor

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Color: Pomelo & Silver
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This razor is intelligently designed to glide over the curves and corners of your body for a close, comfortable shave. Its weighted, ergonomic handle and rubber grip make for an easy hold in hard to reach places, while the flexible hinge and hydrating aloe strip allow blades to work their magic behind knees, on bikini lines, or anywhere else you choose to remove hair.

ABOUT FLAMINGO: Flamingo designs products that care for what’s uncomfortable to help foster deeper, more positive relationships with our bodies and personal routines.
● 2 precise and durable five-blade cartridges for a smooth shave that feels good
● Weighted handle with no-slip grip and metal accents
● Flexible hinge glides over corners and curves
● Includes a shower hook

For a really close, really comfortable shave. This razor features five sharp blades, a 360° comfort system to help protect skin from irritation, a flexible hinge to hug every curve, and a weighted ergonomic handle made with up to 35% recycled plastic.




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