Frigidaire 6L Air Fryer and Grill

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6L Air Fryer and Grill Frigidaire, Stainless Steel

Create healthy and delicious meals your family will love with this versatile Frigidaire air fryer and grill. Perfect for air frying crispy wings, grilling burgers, and even dehydrating fruits and veggies, it offers so many uses in one convenient appliance. It uses top heating and powerful air circulation to ensure everything you cook comes out to flavorful perfection.

  • Combination air fryer and indoor grill lets you cook your family's favorite foods to perfection

  • 7 default programs include roast, air fry, dehydrate, fries, beef, and air grill so you can choose the right setting for any meal

  • Four grill settings - low, medium, high, and maximum make it easy to achieve the right level of doneness for your meats, vegetables, and paninis

  • Top heating and air circulation delivers crisp, golden-brown results

  • 30-watt AC motor fans provide up to 300 RPMs and 1,660 watts of power

  • LED screen displays time and temperature for at-a-glance convenience

  • Temperature range of 40C to 265C envelopes your food with hot air for incredible searing

  • Smoke-control technology keeps your kitchen virtually smoke free while you cook

  • Aluminum pot features a non-stick coating for effortless cleanup and release

  • Die-cast aluminum grill grate with high temperature provides gorgeous char grill marks

  • Brushed aluminum housing adds a modern aesthetic to your countertop


What's Included

  • EAFO632-SS
  • Manual
  • Aluminum Die-Cast Grill Grate
  • Roast Rack
Model Number: EAFO632-SS

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