Royal Sovereign 12-Inch Laminator

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The Royal Sovereign CL-1223 12" Photo and Document Laminator offers a slim and sleek design with a large 12 inch entry feed for the variety of document sizes and shapes found in your home, home office, or business.  The CL-1223 utilizes a 2 roller hot shoe system, which provides a flat, even, and clean lamination finish every time.  It also is capable of laminating hot or cold pouch film from 3 - 5 mil in thickness with a simple switch of a button.  The jam release lever allows easy removal of jammed material, so you can recover important documents and precious photos.  No need to wait to laminate as the CL-1223 warms up in just 3 minutes.  Protect, preserve, and enhance everything from resumes, photos, menus, displays, luggage tags, business cards, presentation materials, ID cards, and much more!

Versatile Laminator

•Laminate heat sealed hot or run self-sealing cold pouch film 3-5 mil in thickness
12" wide opening ideal for the majority of document and photo sizes found around the home and office
•Don't wait to laminate!  3 minute warm-up time

User-friendly Features

Anti blockage system (ABS) will open rollers allowing you to recover jammed or stuck documents and photos
•Laminating speeds of 9.8 inches/min save users time to work on other tasks 
•Green ready light will indicate when the machine has reached optimal temperature and is ready to laminate

Convenient Design

•2-roller hot shoe system provides wrinkle free, bubble free, and  hazing free laminating
Slim design  allows for easy fit and storage in small, tight or cramped areas
•Easy to use controls make laminating any documents a breeze (ON/OFF, film thickness and cold lamination)

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