T-fal Easy Fry Grill & Steam Large Air Fryer

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  • Steam Frying Is The New Air Frying: Our advanced 3 cooking modes (air fry, steam and grill) allows you to create more homemade recipes while upgrading your food’s texture and taste.
  • Extra Crisp Technology: Optimizes hot air flow to give your food an incomparable crispiness on the outside, while keeping the inside tender - 99% less added fat**.
  • Steam Like Never Before with t-fal: You’ll be able to taste the difference with our delicate steam technology that’s not too harsh on your food, helping you retain the nutrients and vitamins in your delicious meals.
  • Grilling sear and perfect flavour: Enjoy that juicy grilling taste with our one-of-a-kind, die-cast aluminum Sizzling Grill Plate. One look and taste will make you feel like your meal was prepared at a barbecue.
  • Combo program: Our unique combo programs allow you to combine cooking modes: First steam your meat and veggies to retain moisture. Then air fry them to crispy perfection. The result...juicier, crispy steam fried foods!
  • 52% Faster: Get that crispy crunch and taste you love in almost half the amount of time. Prepare a wide variety of meals 52%*** faster than a conventional oven.
  • Versatility is everything: We’ve got 7 different pre-set programs so you can easily prepare a variety of recipes: Fries, Chicken, Nuggets, Fish, Roast, Vegetables and Cake.
  • Extra Extra Large meals:Prepare large tasty, juicy, crispy meals with our 6.5L Capacity (1.6kg of food) perfect for family dinners, and get-togethers of up to 8 people. Meal prep healthy recipes for days in advance.

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